Slater Scholarship

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The Association for Gravestone Studies (AGS) promotes the academic study of gravemarkers, cemeteries and related topics internationally through its annual conference and peer-reviewed journal Markers. For many years, scholarships have been awarded to students whose educational pursuits are aligned with AGS’ founding purpose in 1977 — to further the study and preservation of gravestones. In 2022, AGS’ student scholarship award was renamed The Slater Student Scholarship Award in honor of Dr. James A. Slater, an early pioneer of the organization and one of the most influential voices in the field of gravestone studies.

1) Eligibility guidelines:

• Awards are open to graduate or undergraduate students at any accredited college or university.
• Students submit an application form (available on the AGS website) with supporting documentation to the AGS Scholarship Committee.
• Research topics may include the study of gravestones (such as marker materials, forms, and motifs, as well as carver studies) and cemeteries (such as surveys, burial practices, and landscape histories).
• Excluded are any research projects already funded by AGS through other awards.

2) Awards:

The Slater Student Scholarship  aspires to fund a free or subsidised student place at each AGS conference. It is, however, entirely dependent on donations, and thus the amount which can be awarded varies from year
to year.

3) Management and oversight of the program:

• AGS’s Student Scholarship Committee determines award recipients each year after completing its review of scholarship applications.
• AGS reserves the right to award one or more scholarships each year, or to make no award, as circumstances permit.
• Allowable out-of-pocket travel expenses are determined by the AGS Executive Committee and may include air, train or bus fare, and other expenses directly related to the recipient’s transportation to and from the conference.
• The AGS Treasurer maintains records regarding donations into, balance of, and cash distributed from the fund, and reports fund activity to AGS membership at least once per year.
• Eligibility guidelines, use of awards, and management and oversight of the fund may be changed at any time with the approval of the AGS Executive Committee.