Forbes Award

Peggy AwardThe Forbes Award is presented annually by the AGS Board of Trustees to honor an individual, institution, or organization in recognition of exceptional service to the field of gravestone studies. The Forbes Award is the highest honor bestowed by the AGS. The presentation is usually made at the Awards Banquet during the Annual Conference. A reception precedes the banquet, at which the recipient is the guest of honor. The President makes a presentation speech indicating why the person or organization was chosen and summarizing the work accomplished. A framed certificate is presented along with a photograph of Harriette Merrifield Forbes. The recipient usually makes an acceptance speech. 

Please send your nominations, including the name, address, telephone, and e-mail address of the nominee and of the person or group doing the nominating.  Describe the reasons for making the nomination, how the work reflects the AGS mission statement, and how the work has benefited the wider community.  Include any clippings or photographs.  If possible, have the local Historical Society or Preservation Commission comment upon the significance of the achievement.   

Deadline: December 1, 2018

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