A Graveyard Primer

graveyard-primer3A Graveyard Preservation Primer has proven itself to be a time-tested resource for those who are seeking information regarding the protection and preservation of historic graveyards. It was first written to help stewards of early burial grounds responsibly and effectively preserve their graveyards. Much of the information found in the first edition of the book remains valid today, but, much has changed in the twenty-five years since its first publication, and the new edition reflects these changes. 

The Primer supports our effort to protect historic cultural resources by bridging the gap between maintenance staff, cemetery boards, friends' groups, and graveyard preservation professionals, offering readily available, responsible information regarding graveyard protection and preservation. It is also designed to assist those who would undertake a preservation project in the reclaiming of a neglected or abandoned historic cemetery.

The book is generously illustrated with diagrams and photos illustrating procedures, as well as gravemarker and graveyard forms, styles, and materials. The appendix section is completely updated and expanded, a worthwhile resource in itself. 

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